A Gator walks in to a Razorback press conference and…


Renee Gork, a University of Florida graduate, used to work for Hog Sports Radio.  Used to.
That was until she showed up at an Arkansas football press conference and head coach, Bobby Petrino, noticed her Florida Gators hat.  Two days later, she tweeted:
“Was hoping to publicly apologize to coach Petrino and UA fans on the show today, but I won’t get that chance now … I’ve been fired.”  

After all, Gork reported that the whole matter was an accident as it had been raining that day and she grabbed a hat on the way out the door.  Besides it was for a RADIO show!

After receiving the news that she had been fired, Gork interviewed with an ESPN affiliate radio station and reported that she is now receiving death threats.  Wow!  Talk about a bad choice in hats!  I mean it’s not like she flaunted a Miami Heat LeBron James jersey at a Cleveland Indians game!  I suppose she’s fortunate that she didn’t end up like the man who ended up bloody and nearly castrated for wearing a Texas shirt in to an Oklahoma bar.

I know many of you are going to argue that it was her First Amendment right to wear whatever she wanted.  However, how many of you have ever worn an FSU shirt to Gainesville?  I have.  And it wasn’t pretty!
So, today’s “What were you thinking” award goes to Renee.  I mean, come on…sports fans are passionate!  Rivalries die hard!  And whether or not we have the right to free speech, sometimes you need to think things through.  Don’t bring that in to “our house!”

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