GoPro Sports Motivation – Ready, Go!

So what are you doing today?!  If you need some motivation to get outdoors for some adventure, GoPro’s videos should get you going!  If you’re not familiar with GoPro, it’s a sports camera, which is often associated with outdoor sports.  Many professional and amateur athletes attach it to a helmet, surf-board, handlebars and even on an eagle (below) while filming action packed shots.   There are hundreds of videos on YouTube, some of which never cease to amaze.  Some will definitely get your heart pumping through the close up point of view experience of adventure.

Below are some of my favorites and you can vote for yours below.  Be sure to turn up the sound (these are great in HD and with Bose speakers)!

This recent, GoPro HERO (one of the GoPro camera models) Simplified video is a perfect example of what is offered:

As the GoPro HERO4 video says, “Life is either an incredible adventure or it’s nothing at all.”  The HERO4 video ignites a need for speed!

YouTube offers many video clips of sports moments while other videos are compilations of action or simply cool moments put together such as this:

GoPro People Are Awesome 2016 video

And then there is the BEST OF GOPRO – AWESOME MOMENTS

You can pretty much find GoPro videos from any sport:

Want a point of view ride on the fastest hydroplane on earth?  You can do that.

Not afraid of sharks?  The Shark Riders video is a must see.

Extreme sports?  Yes, please.  I hope you’re not afraid of heights for the Biggest Jumps Ever Seen video!

Think it’s easy to catch a MLB pitch?  Just watch the GoPro footage from the catcher’s view with former Toronto Blue Jay, R.A. Dickey pitching.

Spend some time on the PGA tour with Justin Thomas in GoPro – Never Satisfied.

A fan’s perspective and experience of the NBA via Miami Heat vs San Antonio Spurs Game 7

Then there’s the GoPro:  Why Play Basketball?

More of an NHL fan?  Then you’ll appreciate getting up close with PK Saban, Sidney Crosby, and Tuska Rask.

GoPro:  On the Ice with the NHL.

Aaron Chase, Brian Lopes and Chris Van Dine get lost in a maze of colorful urban streets in this ode to Valparaiso, Chile.

GoPro:  Combing the Valparaiso’s Hills

Ever wanted to fly like an eagle?

GoPro:  Vuelo del Aguila – Soccer pre-game Eagle’s eye view:


More sports:

Soccer fans can get up close and personal with Manchester FC.

Experience what it’s like to ride triple crown winner American Pharaoh.

Patrick Peterson of the Arizona Cardinals let’s you experience an NFL practice through his eyes.

NFL too tough for you?  How about a high school football team preparing for their upcoming season…with Coach, Jon Gruden.

GoPro:  Jon Gruden – Finish Strong


And probably my all time favorite is the GoPro HERO3:  Almost as Epic as the HERO3+ video here:

Vote for your favorite:

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