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I love sports.  Wait, it’s not just sports, but the pageantry, the camaraderie, the traditions, the rivalries!  Let’s face it, the excitement and enthusiasm that comes from sports isn’t just about the game.  It’s about the fanfare and passion that the fans bring to the equation.

I couldn’t think of a better way to re-launch my blog…thoughtsonsports than with a tribute to sports in general.  While I thoroughly enjoyed my opportunity as a correspondent for the Florida Panthers on, I have decided to focus on my own site about sports in general, sports fans and what they think about the latest sports news.

So, I start off with what I think are some of the greatest traditions in sports and ask for your feedback and comments.

In no particular order:

I have to revisit one of my last posts about the Portland Timbers:

So, you think your team has loyal fans?  Check out this group!  What started as a small group of fans in section 107 of Jeld-Wen Field in Portland, Oregon has grown in to The Timbers Army , a raucous group of fans who support the Portland Timbers, a MLS football (soccer) club.  So, how did these fans pull together on the very first home game for the Timbers?  You be the judge…
(and No, this is not London, England nor Barcelona, Spain….but Portland, Oregon!).

Can’t resist but to momentarily shift back to hockey.  While Dale Talon has brought his talents from Chicago to South Florida, including his promises for a Stanley Cup team, I can’t help but to want to see this type of atmosphere here in South Florida!  Make it happen, Dale!  My beloved Panthers made their first appearance in the Stanley Cup Playoffs in 10 years.  After, losing an exciting game 7 in overtime, I look forward to seeing what this team has in store for next year.  Can it live up to Talon’s achievements in Chicago?


Let’s talk Classics…Harry Caray is a baseball icon.  Ozzy Osbourne’s version…not so much.  But, who do you think of when you hear the words “seventh inning stretch?”


Yeah, I am a die-hard Seminole fan.  However, it’s well known that teams such as Duke and UNC have dominated college hoops and the ACC.  While enjoying recent upsets of these teams, I must admit that I can’t help but to appreciate the passion of the Cameron Crazies

While slightly out of my expertise, the All Blacks rugby team from New Zealand has a phenomenal record and one of the coolest traditions…the haka, which dates all the way back to 1884.  Check out their “war cry” here…


I resisted all temptation to make this #1 but…yeah, I’m biased!  War cry meet the War Chant!
How can this not be at the top of your list?!

Okay, sports fans…I want to hear what your thoughts are about the best sports traditions.
Who gets your vote for the “best tradition?”

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