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Former Olympian and four time World Champion figure skater, Kurt Browning, is in the news again.  However, this time it’s not for landing in the Guinness Book of World Records, or  narrowly defeating long-time rival, Brian Boitano.  Browning’s most recent performance resulted in approximately $1 million worth of damage to his Toronto home when he tried to dry the seats of his Porsche with a leaf blower.  That’s right.  Apparently, Browning left his Porsche out in the rain.  He then proceeded to move it to the garage, where he attempted to dry the seats with a leaf blower.  A blaze quickly spread to the attic and what seemed like an ordinary call in to the Toronto fire department, quickly escalated to a 3-alarm fire, drawing more than 80 fire-fighters to the scene.  Toronto Fire Services Division Commander, Bob O’Hallarn, was quick to point out that a leaf blower is not the best way to dry the interior of a vehicle – no wonder he’s Division Commander!

Fortunately, all (Browning, his son, a painter, and several pets) were safe.  Yeah, I know what you were thinking – “thank goodness the painter got out alive!”  So, for any of you who had this same idea in mind, stop and ask yourself “what was I thinking?”  In this case, it seems obvious that the right tool for the job would have been a hair-dryer.  Ah, but perhaps Browning doesn’t own one….

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