GoPro Sports Motivation – Ready, Go!

So what are you doing today?!  If you need some motivation to get outdoors for some adventure, GoPro’s videos should get you going!  If you’re not familiar with GoPro, it’s a sports camera, which is often associated with outdoor sports.  Many professional and amateur athletes attach it to a helmet, surf-board, […]

A story of perseverance and determination of Olympic proportions.

The 2016 Summer Olympics are upon us and there are many inspiring stories about the athletes who will compete, but few match that of Irish gymnast Kieran Behan.  When he was just a child, Kieran told his mother that he would be an olympic athlete.  However, he did not know […]

Perseverance – “Don’t ever give up” part III

Tonight, millions of sports fans watched the ESPY Awards, which is ESPN’s annual awards show that stands for Excellence in Sports Yearly Award.  The show, which recognizes individual and team athletic achievement and other sports-related performance aired on ABC for the first time after airing on sister network ESPN for the […]

Squirrel’s Leap of Faith

Friday night’s Cardinals-Phillies game had lots of excitement.  That is, if you are a Cards fan or happened to catch the  squirrel that put on an unintended show at Citizens Bank Park.  During the second inning many fans stopped watching the game to focus on a squirrel as it made it’s […]

Tiger hits bottom. Stays positive.

The 2015 US Open kicked off on Thursday and it was a tough round for many.  However, it was a REALLY tough round for Tiger Woods who shot his worst US Open round ever, finishing at 10 over par and ahead of only 2 players. He had a difficult start with […]

Stan would be proud.

The Chicago Blackhawk’s made history tonight by winning the 2015 Stanley Cup Finals.  They also created long lasting memories…at least for some. On the same day they did this, Chris Kuc of The Chicago Tribune shared a touching story about Stan Mikita, Chicago Blackhawk’s legend and NHL  Hall of Famer.  Although Stan has […]