Selecting your fantasy football team name as important as your draft?

It’s that time of year again!  With the NFL pre-season underway and the regular season just around the corner, fantasy football leagues are popping up everywhere.  Many of us will spend hours ranking our players, analyzing stats, and trying to find that sleeper that will break-out and take us to the top of the leader-board.  But, how much time should you take in choosing your team name?  After all, your team name says a lot about you!  Don’t be mocked or taunted by your opponents.  Instead, have some fun, celebrate and show them who you are!  I’ve created a list, which was compiled from various sources around the web.

What’s the best team name that you’ve seen?  Add yours to the list and share your thoughts…

Urine Trouble
Victorious Secret
No Punt Intended
Show Us Your TD’s
Off in Church (because no one beats off in church)
Off in Shower (after a loss, your update will be, “Team A beats off in shower”)
Armchair Quarterbacks
I Touchdown There
Sofa King Good (or Bad)
Personal Fowls
Favre’s Flip Flops
The Cereal Killers
White Cassell
Here for Beer
Kibbles and Vick
Madden Men
Multiple Scorgasms
Romosexual Tendencies
Favre Dollar Footlong
Sons of Pitches
Purple Jesus
Brees Knees
Fourth Down Syndrome
Show Me Ya TD’S
Barber for my bush
Earnest Graham Goes To Camp
Snakes on Reggie Wayne
Addai in your Sleep
Blood, Sweat, and Beers
4th and Drunk
My Vick in a Box
Flacco Seagulls
Forgetting Brandon Marshall
The Beer View Mirrors
Orton Hears a Who
Flock of Eagles
Favre From Gone

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