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 After being knocked out of the quarter-finals of the Citi Open in Washington on Saturday, the 19 year old and world ranked No. 56 women’s tennis player, Bojana Jovanovski prepared for her Sunday morning flight to Carlsbad as she was scheduled to compete in the Mercury Insurance Open Monday afternoon.
Her flight took her from D.C. to Dallas, then to Albuquerque and finally to Carlsbad, California…a long, cross-country trip!  I don’t know about you, but I would have been tired and ready to reach my destination!  So, the young tennis star got off of her plane and headed to catch her ride.
After having trouble locating her cab, Jovanovski phoned to see what the problem was.  Reassuringly, the person on the phone tells her “they are at the airport and they are looking for you.”
Jovanovski replies “I’m the only one here…how can you not see me?”
“At that moment, the girl asked me on the telephone, are you in Carlsbad in California or in New Mexico?”
You guessed it.  A long journey takes a quick turn for the worst..the tournament was being held in Carlsbad, Nex Mexico…some 900 miles away.
The transportation coordinator managed to get her on the next flight to Albuquuerque, eight hours later.
Jovanovski spent the night in the airport, flew back to Albuquerque, then to San Diego and finally arrived in Carlsbad, New Mexico just half an hour before her match.  Fortunately, the previous two matches went to three sets, giving her fifteen minutes to rest.  Ahhh, yeah…fifteen minutes of relaxation, after a busy two days of travelling!
After all of this, Jovanovski lost a tough three-setter to Roberta Vinci, 3-6, 6-4, 6-1.
Her next match is scheduled for August 8th in Toronto.  That’s in Canada…I think.

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